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1590 Protech Arm

1590 Protech Arm

Designed to offer maximum performance to athletes who practice team sports (volleyball, basketball, handball, softball), cycling, running, athletics, golf, tennis and fitness.
The extra-compact high definition jersey structure, minimum thickness and 1st level compression - Toning generate high effectiveness in terms of reducing muscle vibration and stimulating blood flow by improving oxygenation and ideal muscle tone for longer, ensuring perspiration of sweat and dissipation of excess heat, increasing the perception of control of the upper limbs.
The special texture in the elbow area allows maximum expansion and fit.
The materials used for its realization have been carefully selected and differentiated to obtain durability even after countless uses and washes, with permanent antibacterial treatment.
A structure of minimum thickness and density give it the possibility to be used in any case in a wide range of temperatures.


Compression: 1st Level - Toning
Style: Arm
Thermoregulation: Climate
Range of use: -10°C - 30°C / 14°F - 86°F
Weight: Extra Light

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