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Carrera Men 703

Carrera Men 703

Le Carrera di Joma with Rebound, a technology that provides the necessary rebound to give the thrust to the race and facilitate the work of the athlete. A revolutionary material, which reduces the weight of the sole thanks to the union of two innovative materials able to increase the momentum of the stride. A lighter and more elastic material that increases comfort, resistance, cushioning, speed and adaptability.
The Carrera are designed for medium-high weight runners, and have a 10 mm drop. Weight: 310 grams.
The upper is made of sewn thread, without internal seams to promote total adherence to the foot, 360 system, and make it a model of great comfort and lightness. Equipped with reinforcements to improve resistance, and a heel counter that gives greater protection and comfort thanks to the more ergonomic shapes, FIX COUNTER system.
The footbed is made of preformed EVA, which adapts to the conformation of the foot, contributing to the cushioning of the shoe and the absorption of impact during the support phase. The footbed is made of natural EVA sewn to the upper by means of the GLOVE SYSTEM technology, which provides a flat seam without protrusions of both elements, a feature that maintains the rounded lines of the foot.
The midsole is characterized by the FULL DUAL PULSOR system with two phylon elements at different densities, to optimize cushioning. Higher density means greater stability, while lower density means lighter weight. This technology gives the runner flexibility and better absorption during the support phase. Equipped with C2S (Cell Cushion System), internal part with a perforated cell system that allows better cushioning and faster shape recovery. In the support phase, the part expands facilitating the cushioning and promoting the athlete's momentum.
The sole is made with REBOUND technology, which allows a greater and faster momentum thanks to the increase in rebound. A more effective and vigorous stride, which will determine an evolution of your run. To integrate the thrust and cushioning, it is equipped with PULSOR system, a gel element that absorbs the impact during the support phase favouring the runner's momentum. It includes the STABILIS system, a TPU element placed on the narrowest part of the sole, which avoids improper torsions between the forefoot and the heel, bringing more stability. There is also a system of flex notches, FLEXO technology, ergonomically located on the sole to facilitate the transition from heel to toe at every support. At heel height, the system allows only the flexing of the sole, a feature that provides better support and a more natural and flexible support.
The system is integrated with a triangular central element, which increases the consistency of the sole. The DURABILITY technology gives greater durability to the sole, thanks to the high resistance rubber that delays wear due to abrasion, thus prolonging the life of the shoe.
The new Joma Carrera weighs 330 grams and is lighter than previous versions.

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