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Joma Hispalis Lady 906

  • Brand: Joma
  • Product Code: R.HISPLS-906
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Neutral Training shoes for high performance, for athletes looking for sufficient cushioning. Think to run where no one has succeeded.
They are distinguished by the nylon upper, micro PU and front TPU to reduce the weight and seams. The sole is characterized by the rebound system, technology that provides the rebound needed to boost the race and facilitate the work of the athlete. A revolutionary material that reduces the weight of the sole thanks to the use of various innovative materials that provide maximum momentum at every step. A lightweight and elastic material that allows to increase the levels of comfort, endurance, cushioning, speed and adaptability.

Drop: 12

Weight: 298 g.

Technical specifications
Description Medium intensity training shoe, characterised by excellent cushioning. Designed for runners of average weight in search of lightness during the race. You deal with the effort and she of your legs. Shoe with DROP 10. Weight 306 Gr. Neutral Support. Upper made of breathable nylon and micro PU. Equipped with VTS ventilation system, which promotes perspiration through the inlet and outlet of the air from the shoe. The upper integrates the Sportech, injected rubber inside the upper itself, which avoids the use of seams and other rigid materials in the upper part of the shoe. It provides lightness, comfort, superior flexibility and better adherence to the foot. The thickness is variable depending on the need for protection and resistance of each zone. Without internal seams to promote total adherence to the foot, System 360, and make this shoe a model of great comfort and lightness. The upper is equipped with reinforcements to improve the resistance, and a buttreal in the heel that gives more protection and comfort thanks to the more ergonomic forms, FIX COUNTER system. Thermoformed EVA footbed, which adapts perfectly to the conformation of the foot, contributing to the cushioning of the shoe and to the absorption of the impact during the support phase. Natural EVA footbed sewn to the upper. Double Phylon midsole with high and low density, to optimize cushioning and give stability to the support. The Victory model is equipped with the BLOW UP technology to promote the momentum in the support phase and a better cushioning thanks to the internal shape of bubbles. Rubber outsole with Flexo Flex-cutting technology located in an ergonomic way on the sole, to offer the best transition from heel to toe. At heel level the system allows only the bending of the sole, a feature that provides better support and a more natural and flexible support.

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