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5230 GIRO Shorts

5230 GIRO Shorts

Compressor shorts designed to stimulate the circulation by improving muscle oxygenation, act concretely on the venous return flow and reduce vibrations allowing a considerable saving of energy and less heart fatigue and allowing an increase in physical endurance under stress.
Made of Dryarn® polypropylene, it has a high capacity of transpiration and thermal insulation, which makes them suitable for the practice of all sports in extreme weather conditions.
The muscular support, the self-adaptive capacity of the fit, the massaging anti-cramp action are felt immediately, the 2nd level compression on the whole thigh provides a sensation of total control and excellent reactivity.

The special raw cut stabilizing band has a soft texture, avoids heat concentrations in the body and disperses sweat preventing it from accumulating: in this way the garment dries faster and remains stable.

The Elastic Interface® pad made of three different foam densities is perfect for long distances.
Semi-anatomical shape for a perfect fit, Bastogne HP Men offers maximum protection for long distance exits.
- Slim design for maximum protection with minimum bulk.
- Insert of very high density foam, provides the right protection at the points of greatest pressure.
- Thermoformed back, therefore total absence of seams.
- X-TRACT fabric: the channel structure allows better moisture management for a drier surface in contact with the skin.

Compression: II° Level - Energizer
Style: Shorts
Thermoregulation: Fresh
Range of use: 0°C • 40°C / 32°F • 104°F
Weight: Light

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