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Counter Viper Padel

Counter Viper Padel

The Babolat Counter Viper Padel Shovel, built and designed by the French company for advanced and professional players who require the tool to have a quick response and sensitivity to powerful and precise strokes.
Its rough surface made of woven 3K carbon fiber ensures maximum explosiveness and precision, while the integration of the VIBRABSORB system, born from the collaboration with SMAC, eliminates vibrations due to the stiffness of carbon thanks to a new elastomeric material integrated in the graphite, which gives better comfort and reduces the risk of injury and vibration absorbed by your arm.

    Shape: round
    Thickness: 38 mm
    Weight: 365 grams
    Balance: 270 mm
    Frame: carbon
    Surface: carbon
    Core: multi EVA
    Player level: advanced
    Wrist strap
    Racquet does not come with scabbard


Babolat 3D Spin
3D pattern on the racquet surface that helps maximize ball spin.

Babolat Holes Pattern System
The distribution and size of the holes have been adapted to the shape of the racquet to maximize power transmission and precision response to hits.

3-layer EVA core construction that increases explosiveness on hard shots with the two stiffer outer layers and offers more forgiveness and comfort on slow shots with the soft inner layer.
Babolat X-EVA    

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