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Gold Pro Balance

Gold Pro Balance

Gold Pro Balance is the racket that best combines power and control.
Designed for high level and competitive players looking for maximum results, skilled in smashes and volleys.

The "teardrop" shape allows a versatile game, suitable for experienced players.
The cover is made of Textreme carbon fiber, the same material used to make Formula 1 car bodies.

It is the strongest and at the same time lightest carbon currently on the market.
The goal: to get the most out of every shot.

The inner core is made of EVA PRO, a latest generation elastomer that in combination with the carbon used as a cover allows an excellent balance between power and control.

    Range: high professional

    Shape: teardrop

    Core: EVA

    Cover: Carbon fiber

    Frame: 100% carbon fiber

    Weight: 360-380g

    Thickness: 38 mm

    Control: 60%.

    Power: 40%.

    Balance: medium

    With case

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