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Gold Pro Control

Gold Pro Control


For high level players who make control their main characteristic.
Thanks to its "round" shape, the Gold Pro Control racket facilitates the control of the ball, gives confidence in the moment of the shot and in hitting precisely.

The outer structure is made of carbon fibers 18K. 18,000 strands of woven carbon produce a durable and maneuverable racquet.

The SPIN 3D system is used to coat the surface with a synthetic material that roughens the surface.
This creates an embossed structure that helps control and deliver impact shots.

The inner core is made of EVA PRO elastomer which, together with the 18K carbon outer structure, allows for increased power without losing control.

    Range: high professional

    Shape: large round

    Core: Soft EVA

    Cover: 18K carbon fiber

    Frame: 100% carbon fiber

    Weight: 360-380g

    Thickness: 38 mm

    Control: 40%.

    Power: 60%.

    Balance: low

    With case

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