The historical date of 1968 marks the birth of the immortal Kappa logo, born as "Robe di Kappa".
Preferred by generations of good, casual guys, far from the folk-hippie of those years, the Kappa brand has represented and still represents the company. Here is the history and the curiosities about the logo of one of the most resistant made in Italy brand in circulation.
Born as underwear with the MC brand, it enters the world of sports and
If the Kappa logo didn't say anything to older people until last year, thanks to model-influencer Kendall Jenner, who chose to wear a vintage T-shirt from the brand, the "Kappa stuff" is now a cult again, just like in the seventies. You only have to look at social media like Instagram to realize the phenomenon rediscovered by the new generation of teenagers from all over the world, from Europe to the Americas and Asia... everyone wears Kappa's clothes...!!!