by Francesco Di Bona

Having a prominent abdomen involves a complete routine of exercises that train the entire abdominal wall. L

and strategies for an excellent end result are varied.

One important aspect is definitely nutrition, useful for losing fat together with the use of lipolytic supplements.

Many people believe that in order to eliminate fat and get a sculpted abdomen, it is enough to perform special exercises that harden the abdominal rectifications, but in reality this is absolutely not the case.

First of all you can lose fat globally (not only in the abdominal wall) with a low-calorie diet with low fat use, also no exercise at anaerobic level can burn fat but almost exclusively sugars taken from the bloodstream, resulting from liver and muscle deposits.

The ideal is to do cardiovascular and aerobic activities so that the consumption of oxygen helps to use body fat both visceral (deep fat) and superficial (fat placed between muscles and skin) as fuel, including abdominal fat.

Exercises to eliminate abdominal fat don't really exist, but training the abdominal muscles with targeted exercises serves to develop the muscles of the abdominal tract and achieve a flat, firm belly as well as maintaining a correct posture of the entire trunk.

When the level of fat in the abdominal folds is very low in the order of 10 mm, (even less) thick you will have a well defined, lean and sculpted abdomen, as you have always dreamed.

Remember that the result is always the sum of three basic strategies to be repeated methodically: 1- ADJUST NUTRITIONAL NUTRITION possibly followed by a sports nutritionist 2- TRAINING PROGRAM both with weights and aerobics 3- USE OF LEGAL AND SAFE INTEGRATORS

Have a good workout.