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Brand: Babolat
The Babolat Counter Viper Padel Shovel, built and designed by the French company for advanced and professional players who require the tool to have a quick response and sensitivity to powerful and precise strokes.Its rough surface made of woven 3K carbon fiber ensures maximum explosiveness and preci..
240.00€ 280.00€
Brand: Babolat
If you're a technical attacker who needs control and strength to make a difference, then Babolat Technical Veron is the padel racket designed for you. It gives the most demanding players dynamic power and precision in their attacking shots.Details:    Shape: diamond    ..
195.00€ 220.00€
Brand: Babolat
We all want to score points...we are all strikers, STRIKERS!This is one of the conclusions of our study that allowed us to identify several different player profiles. Among them, the technical striker wants to lead the game and use both his skills and strength to make a difference.To perfectly meet ..
250.00€ 280.00€
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