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Sometimes I think I was lucky... yes, lucky for the fact that I lived in a period that has seen the shine of the myths of the sport still unparalleled today ...
Champions still recalled today, every time you play, every match, or simply to remember why no one, and I say no one can imitate him ....
One of these was "Ice Man" at the Björn Borg registry office, one of the most important tennis players of all time, born on June 6, 1956 in Stockholm, Sweden, Borg is one of the
The most successful and popular characters of tennis, remembered both for how he revolutionized the game from the technical point of view and in the way in which he perceived tennis. Borg was
first of all, an exceptional athlete: he was very focused on physical endurance, he replaced the game of serve and volleyball - to go under the net immediately after the service to try to
close the point, with regular and powerful shots from the bottom of the field, and introduced and invented the backhand with two hands to achieve very effective shots, the so-called top-spin: a
type of game that has greatly influenced subsequent tennis players and that has now become predominant.
Borg's contribution to tennis spilled over from the courts: more than a tennis player he looked like a rock star for the amount of fans who followed him, for admirers in search of
for the front pages of newspapers with his photos. His appearance was exotic (athletic, with very blond hair right on his shoulders) and very well looked after (he played with a
The tight row t-shirt, short shorts and forehead band) contributed to his fascination as much as the victories and the controlled and glacial behaviour on the field, which the
earned the nicknames of Ice Man, or Iceborg
His personal story also contributed to his legend: he started playing tennis at the age of nine, when his father gave him a racket won at a table tennis competition,
Borg played hockey as a child, until then his passion, but that racket changed his life ... At 11 years old won his first junior tournament, left the
a school to devote himself completely to training, at the age of 15 he joined the Swedish national team of the Davis Cup. In 1974, one week after turning 18,
won the Roland Garros in Paris, the world's largest clay tennis tournament, which he won five more times in a row. In 1976 he won for the first time
Wimbledon, the oldest and most prestigious tournament in the world, and perhaps the most different from the Roland Garros among the most important in the world: and continued to win it for the
four years later. In 1980 he played and won the final against the American John McEnroe, what many consider the most beautiful tennis match ever: five
set in four hours, including the famous fourth set, with 34 points of tie-break. The following year the two met again but won McEnroe. In January of the following year
Borg, at just 26, retired from tennis.
Borg tried to play as a professional again from 1991 to 1993, having his hair regrowth - which he had cut in the meantime - and taking the wooden rackets in place.
of modern graphite. It did not go well, just as his private life did not go well, between drug problems and two failed marriages (the first with the professional tennis player
Mariana Simionescu, the second with the Italian singer Loredana Berté). Borg also founded his own line of clothing that risked bankruptcy, and that has been
I've been doing very well. Recently, the biographical feature of the two champion friends Borg-McEnroe was released in cinemas.
His sentences are still famous today:
"Nobody has a sense of friendship like John McEnroe, he's very good as a father and husband, and I think many people still appreciate what we've given to tennis.
 "Federer is the best guy and the best champion to give up my record to. And I'm honest: records are made to be broken. For me he's the strongest of all and, if he doesn't lose his motivation, I don't see why he shouldn't win and win Wimbledon again, 3-4 more times. Of course the Federer-Nadal rivalry is fundamental, even more so for their style contrast. Their matches always amuse me."